Subjective vertical

Tags: Software

General features of the program 

The program runs under Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and requires the presence of a joystick, provided, in addition to installing the software SVEP of which represents a useful complement. The purpose of the program is to test the ability of the subject under test, to put in a horizontal or a vertical light bar, acting on the 2 main buttons of a joystick. The software provides for the presence of two monitors, one for the doctor and one for the patient. The patient monitor displays only the bar, while the doctor monitors also have information on the time and angular position of the bar


The patient is placed upright in front of his monitor, making sure however that he can not see the monitor of the physician.
Starting up the patient has the opportunity to become familiar with the system being able to learn how to operate the device. After the learning period starts running the test by clicking on START TEST, or ENTER key. From this moment on, the monitor of the physician, has the indication of the elapsed time and the angular position, expressed in degrees. The test ends when the patient believes it has properly positioned the bar and the doctor can check the correctness of the position itself and the time taken.
Appears on the monitor of the physician the angle value in yellow color when this is within plus or minus one degree with respect to horizontal positions (0 ° and 360 °) and in the vertical (90 ° and 270 °), vice versa, the angular position is black color.