Corsi test

Tags: Software

The software, developed by Politenica (Modena - Italy), following the instructions of Dr. Giorgio Guidetti of AUSL Modena, proposes a computerized version of the test, a perfect pair with Stabilo system. For the evaluation of the results will be referred to specific publications.

General characteristics

The software runs under Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and also requires the presence of software Stabilo of which represents a useful complement. The purpose of the program is to verify the subject's ability to remember in which order they light up the squares on the monitor, according to an increasing degree of difficulty of sequences consisting of 2 to 9 goals. For each level is considered sufficient to repeat sequences of three correctly 2. At the bottom left is an indicator that will light up green if the patient runs the text correctly and otherwise will be orange. The software also provides for the generation of sounds and signs, which can be activated and deactivated by pressing the "Sound". The "Reset" button stops the execution of a sequence.

Test modes

The software provides for three different modes of operation, depending on the hardware of which provides:

  • Base: it uses a single monitor for the physician and the patient, the doctor makes a cut-clicking on the list that appears on the left of the screen, at the end of the sequence display the patient, using the mouse to click the squares in the same order where you are on.

  • Dual monitor: normally the facilities of a monitor SveP is used only by the patient, distinct from that of the physician. In this situation the patient is placed upright in front of his monitor, making sure however that he can not see the monitor of the physician.
    The physician activates the execution of a sequence and at the end of the same, on the monitor of the patient appears to be a number in each square, that the patient will have to repeat the same in 'firing order. The doctor, using your mouse, click on the squares that the patient lists and notes at the bottom right the correctness of the result

  • Touch screen: similar to the previous mode, but in this case the patient in front of a monitor with touch-screen and at the end of the presentation of the sequence will simply touch the screen to indicate the firing sequence of squares.
    In this mode, to familiarize yourself with the system, it has an option "Preliminary" which turns on the squares in sequence each time after waiting for the patient touches the handle itself.