Stabilo, standard vestibology platform

Tags: Software

The software works with Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8 and 10 and is localized in Italian and English

Standard Test

The standard test take between 25.6 to 51.2 seconds, in the different operation condition: open eyes, closed eyes, soft ground, rigid ground, etc… with the possibility to show to the patient different images more or less stabilized. Test record, and calculation of the most important parameters.

Graphics and calculations

  • Graphic and numeric representation in time between the coordinates on the lateral and frontal plane, with indication of the minimum, maximum and medium values, in comparison with the normal statistic values.
  • Calculation of the surface oscillation, based on the the ellipsis that contain the 90% of the samples points.
  • Graphic frequency spectrogram obtained by Fourier method (FFT) with separated evaluation of the oscillation on both the plans
  • Possibility to compare the result of the test with others obtained with the same frequencies with numeric and graphics results (Romberg index)

Rehabilitation and feedback

Rehabilitation exercises concerning the body movements, by a step by step program, or the method of the 3 concentric rings.